I’m Shruti. And I’m glad you stumbled across my blog. Or maybe it was fated…

Anyway, welcome to my cozy little retreat! Here, I aim to share my thoughts on various topics ranging from stories, poems, songs, photography, food…literally, it could be anything. My interests cover a wide range, and I’m very passionate about all of them, so don’t be surprised if this blog reflects it in its design. 😛

I’m the author of a children’s adventure novel titled The Tree House Mystery (there’s one I’m writing even now) and a few other stories that I have published on Wattpad under the username @Shruti612. So if you’re interested enough after viewing my works on this site, feel free to pay a visit to my other creative dwelling. 🙂

P.S. Destructive criticism NOT tolerated here. Constructive feedback highly appreciated. Please comment and let me know if any of my words make a difference to you!

Photo by Mabel Amber on Pexels.com
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